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Grace Based Marriage: Submissive Grace

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Date: March 3, 2013

Speaker: Nathan Joyce

Series: Grace Based Marriage

Scripture: Ephesians 5:21–5:25

Now that we see that God’s intention for marriage is to operate on a system of grace, we must now discover what grace looks like in a marriage. One thing it will change is the use of power.

The tug of war of marriage comes from the longing of each spouse to be in control. To be in control, we will have to try to gain power. This is our natural, but selfish and destructive tendency. A marriage based on the law will endure great power struggles with each spouse justifying his or her own point of view and stubbornly thinking of his or her self. This cycle will wear down the joy and goodwill in any marriage.

A grace-based marriage joyfully submits. It isn’t self seeking and there’s no entitlement. Power struggles evaporate because serving is seen as more glorious than controlling.